Azure Function Development on MacOS with Docker

Creating a queue triggered Azure Function and running locally using Docker

A Problem to Solve

The Devs Toolset

Creating the Project

Setup the QueueTriggeredFunction solution and project
QueueTriggeredFunction — the main class of the azure function
The settings used when running locally.
QueueTriggeredFunctionRunner — class containing the logic of ourAzure Function

Dockerise Things

Docker compose for Azurite
docker-compose up -d
cd FunctionsProj
func start

Dockerise All The Things

Dockerfile for the azure function
Docker-compose including the azure function
dotnet clean
dotnet build FunctionsProj
dotnet publish FunctionsProj/FunctionsProj.csproj -c Release -o ./published/FunctionsProj


Senior Software Engineer with Kainos working in Belfast, NI. Former Physicist turned Software Engineer with an interest in solving problems with code

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